Attack of the Turkish army after the death of 24 soldiers killed in Kurdish rebel attacks

Kurdish rebels killed 26 Turkish soldiers and wounded 22 others in several attacks near the Iraqi border, causing air and ground operations of the Turkish army on Iraqi territory, reported several media. The authorities in Ankara have confirmed the raid immediately, but the ministers of Interior and Defence visited the area. Prime Minister Recep Erdogan has canceled his visit to Kazakhstan.

According to NTV, the Turkish army sent bombers and helicopter gunships, which penetrated to 4km in Iraq. Helicopters filed commandos along the border in what appears to be an attack from Iraq.

The Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) confirmed that clashes took place in two distinctive areas in the mountains near the border between Turkey and Iraq. “We face the Turkish forces in two areas since 3 am,” said a spokesman for the rebels, Dostdar Hamo.

The daily Hurriyet news agency and c reported that units of the Turkish army crossed the border to track down Kurdish rebels in Iraq.

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