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Asteroid will approach the Earth

LOS ANGELES, USA – Asteroid about the size of an aircraft carrier will approach Earth on Tuesday.

The NASA scientists have ruled out any risk of impact with the planet. However, they will benefit from this passage to learn more about this space rock dubbed “YU55 2005.”

The asteroid is expected to increase at a distance of more than 325,000 km from Earth at 18 28 pm, Eastern Standard Time.

Researchers will analyze the radar images and glean information on the characteristics of its surface and shape.

Since its discovery six years ago by an astronomer from the University of Arizona scientists have learned that the surface was black as coal and slowly turned the asteroid into space.

It will not be possible to see with the naked eye but amateur astronomers equipped with a good telescope would be able to spot it.

The last time an object of this size approached the land dates back to 1976 and was such a meeting will not happen again until 2028.

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