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Ash cloud hits Scottish flights, Dozens of flights of Scotland cancelled

* Experts see little chance of 2010 flight chaos repeating

* Norway, Denmark introduce flight restrictions

* Obama leaves Ireland early and arrives in Britain

* Ryanair says no safety grounds to restrict flights

(Adds Iceland cancellations)


Last year, Icelandic volcano caused 100,000 flights to be canceled. Stranding 10 million passengers and

costing the industry an estimated $1.7 billion in lost revenue.

Worries about the effect of the ash cloud pushed forward U.S. President Barack Obama’s planned departure from Ireland and he arrived on Monday night in Britain to begin a state visit.

Iceland’s President Olafur Grimsson reported that in terms of Europe, this is not going to be anywhere like what happened last year and he said Europe is better prepared to deal with it.

Norway’s airport operator said the ash cloud would cause some flight restrictions on its west coast and said the ash was expected to spread further across southern Norway later on Tuesday.

“Ryanair believe that there is no safety risk to aircraft on flights operating to and from Scotland and together with other airlines will be complaining to the Transport Minister and Regulatory Authorities about these latest and unnecessary cancellations,” it said on its website.

Scientists say the type of ash being spat out is less easily dispersed and winds have been more favorable.




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