Armed Bedouins blocked the road to Sharm El-Sheikh

SHARM EL-SHEIKH, May 28. Bedouins blocked the main highway leading to the Egyptian resort of Sharm el-Sheikh.

On the eve of about noon local time, several dozen armed Bedouins Wadi Feyran, located in the center of the road burning tires and other obstacles from scrap materials. As reported by eyewitnesses, the erection of barriers Bedouins accompanied by shots in air.(Reuters)

On the highway linking the Sharm el-Sheikh with the rest of Egypt, both parties motion has accumulated hundreds of cars. Tube stretched for several kilometers. On the road duty law enforcers. Negotiations with the Bedouins, blocked the highway leading representatives of the army, informed sources in the Egyptian intelligence services on condition of anonymity. According to unofficial data, Bedouins call for release from prison of their relatives who have been convicted during the reign of Hosni Mubarak.

Sharm el-Sheikh Egypt’s largest resort – the country where the income from tourism is one of the major replenishment of the budget. Country’s tourist industry has suffered significant damage early this year when, due to mass protests, which participants demanded the resignation of Mubarak, many countries, including Russia, temporarily advised its citizens not to visit Egypt. Soon after Mubarak on February 11, resigned, travel restrictions were lifted in Egypt. But the number of foreigners who have decided to relax in this country has been greatly reduced.

“Rosbalt” said, loss of tourism industry of Egypt for 3 months of the revolution in the country totaled $ 2.27 billion according to some forecasts, losses tour industry in Egypt will reach $ 4 billion in 2011.







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