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Apple suspends sales of iPhone 4S in China after riot

BEIJING (Reuters) – On Friday the direction of the main Apple store in Beijing has suspended sales of the device, causing a stampede and angry customers who bombed showcase with eggs.

After these incidents in the fashionable Sanlitun, Apple has suspended sales in all its stores in China, adding that the device was available on the Internet or Apple authorized resellers.

Clashes erupted between security personnel from the Apple Store and customers when the store manager came and preached to a crowd at 7:00 refrigerated, some of whom had spent the night outside, the iPhone 4S would do their not provided as expected.

The police had to strive to keep dissatisfied customers and, in photos published on the Internet, we see a man bring a bag of rotten eggs which then takes the crowd to throw them on the window of the shop.

“We have cold and hungry. They told us they do not sell (the unit). Why, why?” Exclaimed a man in his twenties in front of a camera Reuters Television.

“I started queuing at about 23:00 and beyond in the queue, the place was packed,” he told Xiatong Huang, 26.

“Around 5:00, people who had arrived in the square and the queue has completely disappeared. Everybody was fighting, several people were injured,” he added, explaining that police had then hit the crowd .


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