Algerians celebrate 50 years of independence between pride and frustration

Algiers – Algerians celebrate today the fiftieth anniversary of independence officially occurred July 5, 1962, after a French colonial occupation of 130 years, signed by seven years of bloody war (1954-1962) who had “a million and a half martyrs “, depending on the version Algerian.

In order to commemorate this important event, the Algerian authorities have opted for a rather “light” with a program of festivities across the whole territory, but without military parade in the capital or other political action.

The schedule of the Algerian president, Abdelaziz Bouteflika, to the day today comes down to a shift in the morning to the square of the martyrs of the Revolution on the heights of Algiers. It will then proceed to the inauguration of two universities in Algiers.

Abdelaziz Bouteflika was also to deliver a televised address to the nation last night.

The Algerian authorities’ decision not to mark the occasion with pomp is far from unanimous among Algerians, rather in favor of a grand celebration.

“As a youngster, I note that the state gave little importance to this date. If we compare what is happening in France with conferences, debates, books, looks like it is France that celebrates its independence, “lamented Farsioui Rachid, president of the Algerian Rally Youth (RAJ).

“In Algeria, the celebration is limited to ordinary folk activities, as if there was a desire to empty it of its political and symbolic meaning, he added. Unfortunately, the Algerian youth ignores its history. If you want to build a strong country, we need young people know the history of their country with its ups and downs, its shadows and lights. ”

No freedom

This controversy about how to mark the anniversary of July 5, reflects the spirit of mixed Algerians shared the pride of a newly found independence after a long colonial period and frustration over the non-fulfillment of the hopes brought by the revolution .

“We got independence, but not freedom, it has not succeeded in building a rule of law, a state where freedoms are respected citizens. From this point of view, I would say that power, which is the same since 1962, has forfeited its independence, “said the scholar Mohamed Saidji.

Rachid Farsioui laments the marginalization of youth in Algeria. “The country is in the hands of a gerontocracy, young people are excluded from the levers of decision, when it has the two-thirds of the population. This youth has lost its bearings, “says the chairman of the RAJ.

Dr. Mohamed el-Korso, history professor, prefers to retain “many achievements” of Algerian society, which has “experienced an undeniable economic and social development throughout these 50 years of independence.”

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