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“Airbus ” 127 bodies of passengers ” raised from the ocean floor.

Specialists lifted 75 bodies of aircraft A-330 Air France airlines passengers from the bottom of the Atlantic, which was wrecked in 2009. The total number of raised body reached 127.
Bodies were able to rise from the depth of 3.9 thousand meters, where the fuselage of the crashed A330. In the first days after the discovery of the wreckage in May of this year, searchers were able to extract and identify with the help of DNA analysis of two dead passengers. In 2009, during the first weeks after the crash, Brazilian and French search ships found 50 bodies of victims of the crash tragedy in 1.1 thousand kilometers near the coast of Brazil. According to the BEA, the investigators already have all the necessary information in order to establish the cause of the crash, and today the main priority of the operation is ascent to the surface of the dead passengers and crews of airline.
Last week, sources close to deciphering the “black boxes”, reported that the cause of the crash Air France Airbus 330-203 over the Atlantic Ocean in 2009, apparently caused by pilots error.

See the Video:
Plane that dropped 38,000 feet into the Ocean in 3 minutes




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