A year after the crash in Ukraine MH17, questions remain

Ukraine MH17 crashIn Ukraine, on the site where the Boeing crashed, anonymous laid flowers in memory of the 298 people Photo credits: Mstyslav Chernov / AP

Malaysia Airlines Boeing crashed July 17, 2014 in eastern Ukraine with 298 people on board. A year later, while celebrations take place this Friday in Ukraine, but also in the Netherlands which was from the majority of victims, many questions remain.

On 17 July 2014, 298 people lost their lives in the crash of a Boeing 777 Malaysia Airlines. The aircraft, which was to ensure the MH17 flight between Amsterdam and Kuala Lumpur, was shot down over eastern Ukraine, where Ukrainian soldiers clashed and pro-Russian separatists. A year after the tragedy, many questions remain: how the airliner was shot? Who is responsible for this tragedy?

The plane shot down by a missile

The airliner was apparently shot down by a surface to air missile. The Russian arms manufacturer Almaz-Anteï confirmed early June: the Malaysian Boeing MH17 has been shot down by a surface to air missile BUK, resulting from its own factories. The consortium leader, Mikhail Malychevski, had stated at a press conference that “the first analyzes have shown that the type of missile used was a BUK-M1.” Specifically a 9M38M1 BUK-aircraft equipped with a warhead 9H314M. But the Russian arms manufacturer Almaz-Anteï was said unable to say which side shot.

But on Thursday, the vice president of the Russian Federal Agency of Aviation, Oleg Stortchevoï, referred to another report “Aviation specialists” anonymous, published Tuesday on the Internet. These “experts” state that the Boeing was shot by an air-to-air missile Israeli-made Python. Posted as a file whose ownership is claimed by the Russian Defense Ministry, the report has also been taken up by the Committee of Inquiry, the Russian equivalent of the FBI.

The leaders still sought

The question remains unanswered for now. Kiev and Western governments suspect pro-Russian separatists of firing. For its part, Moscow has always categorically denied any involvement in the incident, suggesting that Boeing was instead shot down by a fighter aircraft of the Ukrainian army.

The Dutch authorities claim not to be able, for now, to identify the culprits but asked, such as Malaysia, the creation of an international tribunal under UN auspices. That Moscow refuses. On Thursday, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the establishment of such a tribunal would be “premature and against-productive.”

Relatives of passengers who died in the crash has filed a complaint in the US , against a former separatist leader in Ukraine, Russian Igor Strelkov, whom they accuse of having shot down the plane. According to the complaint filed in Chicago, “the flight MH17 flying over the airspace of the area where the rebel army was making war and this, under the responsibility of Guirkine commander shot the Boeing 777-200″. The plaintiffs also claim that Guirkine was under “actual or apparent authority” of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The imprudence of Malaysia Airlines denounced

The publication of a report on Dutch the causes of the destruction of the Boeing expected in October. A non-final copy has been distributed to countries that had nationals on board the aircraft. Russia, which has already received a draft report by experts from the Netherlands, said Thursday that “a lot of things to say” on the document. CNN has unveiled the main lines: the report impute liability to pro-Russian rebels, but also to Malaysia Airlines for his imprudence. The Ukrainian aviation authorities had issued an advisory which restricted airspace above the area of ​​hostilities to an altitude of 32,000 feet. Some relatives have also launched legal proceedings against the Malaysia Airlines, which continued at the time of the tragedy, to fly over war zones in Ukraine, unlike other airlines.

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