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A Chinese college student sells a kidney to buy an iPhone

BEIJING, China – The Chinese are concerned about the influence of consumerism on the young, after the case of a student 17 years old, who sold his kidney to buy an iPhone and iPad media tablet, according to official news agency New China.

Five people were charged with intentional injury in Chenzhou for organizing the kidney transplant the young man, identified only by the name of Wang, Xinhua news agency reported on Friday night. Among the suspects are a surgeon, a hospital provider and two intermediaries who sought donor on the Internet and let the operating room.

Some 1.5 million people waiting for organ donation in China while only 10,000 transplants are performed each year, according to news agency. Scarcity fuels the trafficking of organs.

According to New China, one of the suspects named Wei He, who owed gambling, had instructed one of his co-defendants to seek organ donors in discussion forums and an online another to find an operating room. The intervention took place in April 2011.

He Wei was paid 220,000 yuan (about 26,000 euros, 35,000 dollars) for the transplant, gave 22,000 (2,660 euros 3,500 dollars) to the young man and shared the rest with his co-defendants and the medical staff involved in the operation, according to Xinhua.

But when Wang went home, his mother made him confess how he could afford a new iPhone and iPad, the news agency said.

The newspaper “Southern Daily” had reported last month other cases of people who sold a kidney or two to have seriously considered doing so to pay off debts, buy a smartphone (phone high tech) or pay the abortion of their partners.

“Without being confronted with abject poverty, these young people born after 1990 have made rash decisions. To choose between their body and materialism, they have resolutely opted for the latter, “had commented the official newspaper of the ruling Communist Party, the” Guangming Daily “. “In today’s society where the desires are infinite and endless demands (…), the blind race to acquire the latest technology will gradually ruin lives,” he said.

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