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What is known about the fourth season of True Blood

The fourth season began June 26 in the U.S.
Alan Ball, creator of the series, revealed that the witches play a major role in season 4 of True Blood, notably with the arrival of Marnie “Hallow” Stonebrook (Fiona Shaw), the wicked witch of the Witches of Shreveport the fourth book in the saga signed Charlaine Harris.

It begins one year after the end of season 3. Witches seek a fight with the vampires who have werewolves and fairies against them. The love triangle Bill / Sookie / Eric continues. Or is it a square with Sam? Or a pentagon with Alcide? The break between Sookie and Bill continue but will not last forever because “it is hard not to imagine that they are both kindred spirits when their interpreters, Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer are in life,” says Alan Ball. “But Bill’s betrayal against Sookie is deep, I do not think she forgets it soon.”

Meanwhile, Sookie could take comfort in the arms of Eric. In the book of Harris, Hallow casts a spell to make the blond vampire and Sookie amnesia succumbs to his charms new. But the writers do not usually follow that by far the intrigues of novels …

Meanwhile, Sam shows us the community of shapeshifters, Tara explores his dark side, Jason and Lafayette could turn into something not too human, and Jessica Hoyt face an armed and dangerous mother Hoyt, and reassured Arlene Terry about its future psycho baby. Russell Edgington, the king of Mississippi, born to a time and he is not happy.

Godric, the creator of Eric, is also back, certainly in the dreams of vampires because, yes, vampires are dreaming too.

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