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Water could be cause of global conflict by 2022 and 2030

Washington – Droughts, floods and lack of drinking water could cause significant global instability and conflict in the coming decades, while developing countries will try to meet the demands of a growing population while confronting the effects of climate change, say U.S. intelligence agencies in a report released Thursday.

According to the report, which reflects the opinions of the various federal agencies for information, the risk of conflicts over water cause wars in the next 10 years is minimal, even if these conflicts create tensions and threaten national food markets and international. But from 2022, the report estimates that the use of water as a weapon of war is more likely, especially in Southeast Asia, the Middle East and North Africa.

The report states that flooding and water insufficient or poor quality, combined with poverty, social tensions, poor governance and weak governments will contribute to instability, which could lead to bankruptcy of several States . These elements “are likely to increase the risk of instability and state failure, exacerbate regional tensions and prevent countries from working with the United States on important goals,” says the report, released by the State Department.

The report predicts that countries upstream rivers will limit access to water their downstream neighbors for political reasons, and that governments will use internal reserves of water to suppress separatist movements and dissident populations.

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