USA: Champion-eating hotdog competition loses his title

He was undefeated since 2007. Saturday, Joey “Jaws” (“jaws” in English) Chestnut champion u swallowing competition hot dogs in New York, however, had to bow to one of his opponents, Matt Stonie. Stonie, dubbed by the fans “Megatoad” (“cane toad”), managed to swallow 62 sausages in their bread in the space of 10 minutes, 60 against “only” for his opponent. Is still one every ten seconds, even if “Jaws” remains far from its 2013 record, when he had swallowed 69 at the same time. The third, Tim “Eater X” Janus, was far behind with 35 hot dogs swallowed.

Thousands of cheering supporters from “sports”

The Contest-eating hotdogs, held annually on July 4th in New York, is a veritable institution in the US. Each year thousands of people come and encourage “sports”. In the first edition, held in 1916, the champion had eaten 13 hot dogs in ten minutes far from the record of recent years.


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