The US is preparing for a heavy snowstorm

Washington, États-Unis, le 21 janvier 2016. Vue sur le Capitol.

Washington, USA, 21 January 2016. View of the Capitol Photo credit:. CHIP Somodevilla / AFP

Meteorologists expect this weekend to 60 centimeters of snow especially in Washington, Baltimore, and perhaps Philadelphia.

After El Niño, its hurricanes and downpours, that Jonah’s blizzard and snow storms. In the US, meteorological services are on alert. “A major winter storm will affect a part of the eastern United States between Friday and Saturday night with heavy snow, sleet, high winds and coastal flooding” they warn. From the Atlantic coast (between New York and South Carolina) to Arkansas, in the center, about fifteen States are concerned, about 70 million people who will be on the path of Jonas.

According to the latest forecasts, the weather should deteriorate from Friday afternoon. Significant snowfall is expected along with strong winds (up to 90 km / h). This time also should last all day Saturday. The heart of the blizzard is expected to generate up to 60 cm of snow in places, especially in the federal capital and cities such as Baltimore, and perhaps Philadelphia. New York and Boston further north, should instead be spared the flakes.

American Airlines cancels hundreds of flights

Thursday, the airline American Airlines has announced the cancellation of hundreds of flights in the United States: all those planned Friday in Charlotte (North Carolina) and all those planned Saturday in both Washington airports in Baltimore and Philadelphia. Travelers whose flights are canceled may request to be refunded or reschedule their journey.

The people of Washington have already got a small taste of what awaits them in the coming days . Wednesday night, the snow has appeared in rush hour, causing widespread traffic jams and numerous accidents. Even President Barack Obama, back from the Detroit auto show, has struggled to make their way back to the White House as the traffic was saturated. Virginia State Police said Thursday morning be reached on 767 392 accidents and disabled vehicles because of the snow. The governor declared an emergency, allowing him to unlock additional means of intervention. Many schools have delayed two hours of opening, and many people were rushing to the shops to stock up.

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