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United States: the police position on the square of anticapitalist Washington

On Saturday morning police in riot gear took place  on the square occupied for four months by protesters anticapitalist movement Occupy Washington, AFP noted.

Some 50 police officers, some on horseback, took up positions on McPherson Square, in downtown Washington near the White House, whose access was blocked by police cars.

The big “tent of dreams” erected earlier this week by protesters has been removed, in the calm, the protesters who neatly folded.

According to the American press, the police intend to remove all camping equipment protesters, but did not intend to move the protesters themselves.

A police official told the demonstrators: “We are not here to kick you out” but to verify that the demonstrators follow the rules.

The NPS (National Park Service), which manages the city parks, has distributed a week ago a “review” the demonstrators saying “all material” camping (tents for sleeping, sleeping bags, stoves, etc.. ) had to be removed under penalty of arrest and seizure of property.

The NPS does not prevent the protesters to demonstrate but do not want them to camp and sleep on site, which is prohibited by the regulation of NPS.

Authorities, long benevolent, have recently shown signs of irritation at the continued movement in Washington.

The anti-capitalist movement of occupation, which began in September in New York with Occupy Wall Street to Washington is divided between two camps: Occupy DC on McPherson Square, and Occupy Washington DC Freedom Plaza, both near the house white in the center.

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