United States: Republican Donald Trump praised Kim Jung-un

Donald Trump, le 11 janvier.

Donald Trump, January 11 Photo credit:. JAMES GLOVER / REUTERS

The candidate for the Republican primary was expressed his admiration for the supposed qualities of the North Korean dictator.

Not a day without a surreal declaration Donald Trump. This weekend, at a rally in Iowa, the whimsical candidate Republican primary was again distinguished by politics height of one of his statements, praising the leadership of the North Korean dictator.

At the podium, while it reaffirmed that Muslims should be banned from entering the US, he suddenly began to discuss Kim Jong-un. Probably a “maniac”, but which “you have to give credit,” according to the billionaire golden lock. “How many young men – he must have been 25 or 26 years old when his father died – have been able to win in front of the generals? It’s crazy enough to think about it. How does he manage to do that? “, Questioned the candidate.

“Not there to amuse the gallery”

And to become the “boss” at the head of his country, Donald Trump notes that Kim Jung-un “did not hesitate to liquidate his uncle”. US billionaire evokes here the fate of Jang Song-thaek, married to the aunt of the dictator. His presence had been erased official photos and videos in favor of a humiliating picture of him in handcuffs. Considered the unofficial number two of the regime on the death of Kim Jong-il, he was executed two years after taking power to Kim Jong-un, during a purge carried out in the hermit kingdom.

“This guy is not there to amuse the gallery, said Trump. And we can not have fun with it not more. Because he actually missiles and nuclear weapons. “Last week, North Korea announced it had conducted a bomb test H. In response this weekend, a US bomber capable of carrying nuclear weapons has overflew the South Korea, less than 70 kilometers from the border.

This is not the first time Donald Trump speaks well of a foreign head of state who is not in smell holiness in Washington in December, it was well defended Vladimir Putin.

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