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United States: protests on Wall Street

NEW YORK, U.S. – The events on Wall Street, the legendary heart of American finance, may grow with the emergence of several groups who have decided to join the ranks of the discontented in the streets of Manhattan.

On Wednesday the liberal group MoveOn.org and community organizations like the Working Families Party,  United and NY are expected , as members of the Chinatown Tenants Union and the union employees of public transport, demonstrating that this movement of discontent – originally modest – shows no signs of abating.

The organizers called on their own university students across the country to desert their courses after 14h.

“I think they managed to capture a sense of discouragement, as if nobody was listening, said Camille Rivera, Executive Director of United NY. What do you do if no one listens to you? You talk louder and you take action. ”

The event scheduled for Wednesday will leave the square Foley Square to get to Zuccotti Park, the unofficial headquarters of the movement where demonstrators camped under the stars. The expected number of participants is uncertain, but officials expect the participation of thousands of people.

MoveOn.org provides a “virtual event” on its website, encouraging users to upload a photo of themselves with the caption: “I am one of the 99 percent” – a reference to those who do not part of 1 percent accounted for by the wealthiest Americans and the debate concerning the taxes applied to them. The group’s executive director, Justin Ruben, said the demonstrators are “good boys” who managed to inspire others to join their movement.

“From our perspective, we denounce the greed that led to the collapse of our economy, said Ruben. (We denounce) the fact that these banks do not pay their fair share. ”


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