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United States: Herman Cain accused by another woman

WASHINGTON – On Monday in front of television cameras, a woman accused the Republican nomination Herman Cain for having made unwanted sexual touching in 1997, when she had come to consult him for advice on his career.

At a press conference in New York, Sharon Bialek said that Herman Cain in particular had put his hand under her skirt and had touched her genitals.

The incident allegedly occurred in a car in 1997.

The campaign team of Herman Cain denied the allegations before the end of the press conference. Mr. Cain will turn a press conference Tuesday afternoon in Phoenix to answer the charges.

Sharon Bialek, a member of the Republican Party, said it had decided to publicly denounce Mr. Cain added his voice to that of other unidentified women who accused him of sexual harassment.

Including two women filed a complaint against Mr. Cain when he was president of the National Restaurant Association. A third woman who also worked for the association has recently made similar allegations, although it has not complained at the time of the alleged facts.

Ms. Bialek said she had not complained at the time because she was no longer an employee of the association, and because she was embarrassed by the situation which it claims to have suffered.

Ms. Bialek, the first woman to accuse Mr. Cain openly, called the Republican candidate to admit his inappropriate actions towards the other three women accused him of harassment.

“Admit what you did. Admit that you have engaged in conduct inappropriate to some people, “said Ms. Bialek at the press conference.

“All allegations of harassment against Mr. Cain is wrong,” countered McCain’s team. “Mr. Cain has never harassed anyone. Fortunately, the American people will not let the economy of Mr. Cain, his vision of foreign policy and his plans for energy independence to be overshadowed by false allegations. ”

The scandal of a sexual nature that affects Mr. Cain does not seem to have hurt his popularity at the moment. His team has raised over USD $ 1 million in contributions since this case has surfaced on the website Politico.com.

Today United States according to a survey released on Monday, Herman Cain harvest support of 21 percent of Republican voters, tied with Mitt Romney. But a majority of respondents tended Republicans or Republican pollsters said they would not vote for a candidate whose acts of sexual harassment of female employees have been proven.

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