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United States: Boehmer waives a global agreement on the debt

On Saturday Republican John Boehner the chairman of the House of Representatives of the United States, said that he would not find an overall agreement on the U.S. debt with the White House.

Main interlocutor of President Barack Obama on the budget discussions, Mr. Boehner said in a statement that his party would now focus on finding smaller measures on the issue of debt.

“Despite good faith efforts to find a common base, the White House will not seek to reach agreement on the largest debt reduction without tax increases. I think the best approach might be to focus on a more limited, “he added.

On Sunday Obama found the leaders of Congress to take stock of the budget negotiations, after stating that the uncertainty surrounding the fight against deficits helped to fuel unemployment in the United States.

On Thursday after the talks resumed for the specter of a default in the country,  the President will meet in the early evening the leaders of the House of Representatives, where Republicans dominate his opponents, and the Senate, controlled by the Democrats.

According to Obama, the U.S. labor market has faced “headwinds”, as “issues (debt) in Greece and Europe” but also “the uncertainty on the question of raising the ceiling or not debt by the United States. ”

Republicans reject the vote of such a measure if it is not accompanied by drastic budget cuts. Mr. Boehner has so far officially refused to consider waiving the tax breaks for the wealthy, inherited from the era of Republican President George W. Bush.

Obama agreed in principle to a significant reduction in spending, but wished to be accompanied by an increase in taxes for the rich, to achieve debt reduction of U.S. some 4,000 billion accumulated over 12 years.

The gross debt of the federal government, some 14,300 billion, reached in mid-May the ceiling authorized by Congress and the budget deficit should reach 1 600 billion this year.

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