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United States: a case of hijacker up to 40 years

On Monday the U.S. federal police confirmed investigating a track “consistent” in a fantastic business hijacking up to 40 years and the author, known as DB Cooper, managed to elude authorities with a ransom of 200,000 dollars.

“It’s not really new information. It caught our attention about a year ago and since then we work on it,” he told AFP Frederick Gutt, spokesman for the FBI in Seattle (State of Washington, northwestern United States).

“This information is consistent and as such, it is viable, credible and relevant,” he added, without complacency.

“Many people have been identified in the past that could have been or were suspected of being DB Cooper, but when we started to dig a little, inconsistencies came to light,” he said.

On this new track, “there is still much work to do, including obtaining physical evidence, before we can say whether or not DB Cooper,” he added.

The hijacker was on board in November 1971 in Portland, Oregon (west) on a plane to Seattle-Tacoma, under the name DB Cooper. Arrived, he took the passengers hostage, before releasing them in exchange for parachutes and $ 200,000 in small bills.

He had to leave the plane to Mexico, but had jumped from the aircraft by parachute over Oregon. He was never found, feeding from all conceivable theories and resulting in films, books, TV shows, songs and cartoons.

Mr. Gutt said the suspects targeted by the new runway was “passed away about 10 years ago” and that if he was indeed DB Cooper, no court would subsequently given to the case.

“This is an outstanding case and as such, we are interested. But this is not a priority,” he said.

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