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United States: a campaign against the sugary drinks shock

United States, where obesity is a major public health problem, everything is good to raise awareness of the dangers of poor nutrition. The latest initiative of the Government of the State of New York should date: a provocative TV spot shows the excesses associated with the consumption of sugar-sweetened soft drinks.

It shows a young American to open a can of soda before swallow the content that seems odd, like boiled eggs. Unsavory images that end with a warning: “Drinking a can a day can make you 10 pounds (4.5 kilos) fatter a year.”

The message is clear: drinking soft drinks is fattening and presents health hazards. As shown in the spot at the end of the sequence. “Do not drink too much sugar. Stop the sodas and other sweetened drinks. Drink Water Instead of Soda or sweetened Fruit Drinks. Choose Fat-Free or Low-Fat Milk or Dairy Products Daily. ”

In addition to being fat, sodas increase the risk of developing cancer of the pancreas. So always avoid too sweet drinks or food, even if you are not a diabetic to stay healthy and also not to acquire diabetes ignorantly.

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