United States: $ 100 million for the security of investitures conventions

Un tireur d’élite de la police sur le toit d’un véhicule blindé de la police, lors des émeutes de Ferguson, en août 2014.

the cities of Cleveland and Philadelphia are preparing to welcome the end of July, respectively, the inaugural convention of the Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton. In this perspective, the two municipalities are already security measures in anticipation of thousands of protesters who seek to be heard on this occasion. Their security budget is valued at almost $ 100 million.
The downtown Cleveland, where Republican delegates will gather from 18 to 21 July designate Donald Trump, thus fill soon kilometers of metal barriers and over-equipped police, with $ 50 million allocated by the federal government.

the Republican convention could be challenged inside by delegates reluctant to support Donald Trump, she will most likely outside. In Cleveland, only delegates, guests and journalists can enter the holy of holies, a secure perimeter by officers from the Secret Service around the Quicken Loans Arena.

The city also declared an area very wide, 8.5 km 2 in which the events will be prohibited except in designated places. This is where the many groups opposed to Donald Trump, anti-racist activists, opposed a nuclear or combination of Republican supporters will pass or congregate.

Des policiers équipés de masque à gaz, lors d’une série d’émeutes à Ferguson, le 25 novembre 2014.

One course of events

As in previous conventions, associations complain about the remoteness of these locations. One course of events was allowed, passing over 300 meters from the convention and ends up in an industrial area.

“We do not dispute the fact that there are issues security , announces Christine Link, Director of the American Association of civil rights ACLU of Ohio, who sued the city in court. But we believe that the first and fourth amendments to the Constitution need not be trampled to ensure security “, she says, referring to the right to freedom of expression and protection . against unreasonable searches and excessive excavation for within this large urban area, a long list of objects will be prohibited: knives, air guns, drones, aerosols … but coolers, large backpacks and tennis balls. Handguns, however, will remain authorized for the Republicans to power in Ohio, believe that this is a constitutional right.

With or without permission, protesters of all countries converge to protest against Donald Trump. A march is such co-organized by unlicensed Susan Schnur, an anti-racist activist. Are there a risk of overflows? “If young people are fighting, I will support them. If I am arrested, I’ll be ready “, she announced.

Debate on the militarization of the police

The Washington Post evokes opportunity to see the police use the Long Range Acoustical Device (LRAD, or gun sound), already used in Pittsburgh in September 2009, during the protests against the G20 summit.

the Americans discovered the pictures of American police officers perched on armored vehicles, assault rifles pointed at civilians during violent protests Ferguson in August 2014 after the death of Michael Brown. These images have marked the spirits and renewed debate on the excessive militarization of American police

The Washington Post details the list of purchased materials and made public by the city of Cleveland. Of uniforms and equipment 2,000 riot police, 2,000 batons, 3.7 miles (about 6 km) of metal barriers, 10,000 disposable plastic cuffs, etc.

Rally supporters Bernie Sanders

Among Democrats, the festivities will be decorated with large gatherings of supporters Bernie Sanders, the loser primary against Hillary Clinton, the park facing the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, which will host the convention of July 25 to 28.

the day before the opening, a parade ecologist and against fracking and a walk pro-Sanders will take place. Senator from Vermont, who was not technically out of the race, could even participate.

As in Cleveland, police stronger than 6 100 staff, will receive the backing of neighboring police departments, and the device cost will be borne by the federal government to the tune of $ 43 million.

the city has issued permits to the demonstrators, but some have had their application rejected. To avoid the spectacle of past mass arrests, the City Council adopted a decree imposing $ 100 fines on protesters, for example, refuse to disperse, to prevent them from being detained. But if necessary, the old prison star Holmesburg will be reopened.

“We have obviously prepared for the worst, but we take all measures to avoid” insists door Floor-Mayor, Lauren Hitt, who points out that Philadelphia has managed more big events like the visit of Pope Francis in September.

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