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United States: 1.6 million children are homeless

In the U.S., the number of homeless children is increasing: the report of the National Center for homeless families, they would be affected 1.6 million in 2010, representing an increase of 38%. While this figure affects a child of 45, the agency calls “act”. “Not surprisingly, the risk for a child to be homeless has increased with the economic crisis, even if the capacity of housing increased by 15,000 units over the last four years,” said the report just made public.

Six states particularly affected

According to the National Center for homeless families, this phenomenon would be unevenly distributed in the U.S., since a homeless child on two lies in six U.S. states, located southeast of the country – as in Georgia and Alabama – and in the west, such as California. In addition, the association points to other problems. According to this study, 42% of eligible children are 6 years or less. Moreover, they are dependent on third mothers who are single and suffering from chronic illness. An overwhelming, especially since these children are more exposed than other more hunger, stress, illness and lack of education, leading the report of the National Center for homeless families .

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