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Unemployment Rates Are Falling In Many Metro Cities

Looks like many large cities are seeing a change in their unemployment rates recently. Metro areas such as Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Long Beach, Los Angeles, New Jersey, and New York City have all seen drops in their unemployment rate earlier this year, February. The Labor Department reported the decline Wednesday. Hiring has increased in over 250 metro areas throughout the country.  200,000 new jobs have been added by private employers across the nation in February and last month.

Though this is great news, those that have been unemployed for over 6 months may not feel the joy any time soon since employers may still not hire them due to their lengthy unemployment. This may not be the case for all employers who are seeing an increase in available positions. Cities seeing a rise in their hometown industries such as tourism and manufacturing have new jobs open, hopefully even for those out of work for an extended period. Areas in which the bulk of their job force are seasonal farmers and laborers have not seen much of an decrease in their unemployment rate. This is true also for state capitals as well as many city and county jobs, which have been afflicted by budget cuts.

A rise in job ads and available positions may be seen in the coming months. Layoffs continue to occur as well as seasonal and temporary positions ending. The unemployment rate statistics from the Labor Department are not updated or adjusted to include seasonal/temporary layoffs. And those living in non-metro areas may still have to look to the nearest major city for employment.


Angelica Bee

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