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U.S. shield: no agreement between Moscow and Washington in 2012 (MP)

In 2012, Russia and the United States will not fall to agree on the deployment of U.S. missile defense shield in Europe and this because of the presidential elections in both countries, said the deputy of the State Duma (lower house of Russian parliament), Konstantin Kossatchev on Monday.

“Considering that (…) next year will be the presidential elections, the U.S. administration has bound hand and foot by the campaign, so I do not anticipate a breakthrough in this area,”  he said in his commentary published on the official website of the united Russia party.

Moscow and Washington had agreed at the NATO summit  to cooperate on missile defense in Europe in Lisbon in 2010. The partnership, however, remained a dead letter, the U.S. government refusing to guarantee that the future shield would not threaten Russia’s nuclear potential.

Mr. Kossatchev further hoped that during this year Russia managed to consolidate its position in the Arab countries, since last winter shaken by a wave of protest.

The member said the launch of a unified economic space formed by Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan should be one of the major events of the new year.

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