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U.S. president: Hillary Clinton will not campaign for Obama

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will not participate in the election campaign of outgoing President Barack Obama, U.S. media reported.

“The former presidential candidate for the position will not participate in the Obama campaign. There is nothing surprising, since usually the secretaries of state do not participate in election campaigns of presidential candidates to not to be accused of bias or supporting party interests, ”

In 2008, Clinton attended the Democratic Party primary for the presidential election, but finally announced her support for the candidacy of Barack Obama, who enjoyed greater popular support. The latter, with Joseph Biden as his running mate, won the election against Republican John McCain in tandem – Sarah Palin.

In 2009, Hillary Clinton was appointed as Secretary of State. On 12 October 2009, she said, during an interview, that would arise over the presidency of the United States.

In addition, she announced her intention to leave the White House at maturity of the first presidential term of Mr. Obama.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton remains the most popular head of the Obama administration, and participation in the campaign of the current president might get him more votes in the election, the newspaper said.

The U.S. presidential election will take place on November 6.

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