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U.S. court attacks the site Megaupload

Following the closure of MegaUpload (and 17 other sites) and the arrest of seven people in the United States, the indictment was sent by the FBI. The operation, prepared for over a year, involved 76 police officers from New Zealand, accompanied by four FBI agents. But what do we blame for MegaUpload and its leaders?

The indictment shows the exchange of mails referring to the compensation to the tune of $ 9 million, of Internet users who upload the files over to the hosting site. For example, a user has touched 100 dollars to have uploaded “ten pirated DVDs of popular movies, some pornographic films and key generators for pirated software.” The amount might even exceed $ 50 000 compensation for some users.
10 million in cash seized from Kim DotCom.

Above all, the financial flows of a mere 64 bank accounts seized by the U.S. justice system. There is talk of an amount up to $ 50 million and 10 million were even found in cash at the home of Kim DotCom, its founder and leader.

The prosecutor also responsible leaders of the site on their personal use of the content hosted on MegaIpload. Indeed, they questioned their servers to find pirated files for their own use. According to the indictment, MegaVideo was designed between 2006 and 2007, to recover a maximum of YouTube videos to benefit commercially.

Finally, according to the prosecutor, MegaUpload did not respect the DMCA on the procedure for notice and take down content deemed illegal. A penalty of up to 60 years in prison

The site mentions an anecdote Numerama amazing: Universal Music had planned to open discussions with the hosting site as part of the legal service called MegaBox MegaUpload. The record company might have to offer its music catalog provided that includes a Mega filter detection Universal content to remove any illegal files. Finally, the discussions were not successful.

DotCom Kim saw his request for release denied, he will therefore have to await the verdict of justice for his extradition to the country of Uncle Sam MegaUpload is designated as an international criminal enterprise and its leaders are likely to imprisonment up to 60 years in prison.

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