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U.S. Cigarette Warning Labels Issued by FDA

FDA announces new requirements for packaging and advertising of tobacco products. The federal agency approved the images and inscriptions, warning of the dangers of smoking.

Managing for Quality Control of Food and Drug Administration (Food and Drug Administration, FDA) approved the images that appear on the packaging and advertising of tobacco products. The new requirements take effect in September. Warning items have not changed over 25 years, says the FDA.


Images argued in a federal agency within six months, the Office for public discussion and public opinion polls. In the final sample included nine images with inscriptions on the dangers of smoking. All of them are informed about the specific health risks associated with cigarettes: death, cancer, problems with lungs and heart.

Tobacco manufacturers and advertising companies bring their products into compliance with new rules since September 2011. Beginning in September 2012, the new cigarette health warnings must appear on the top 50 percent of both the front and rear panels of each cigarette package, and in the upper portion of each cigarette ad, taking up at least 20 percent of the space.

According to the FDA, smoking kills approximately half a million people per year.


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