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U.S. abandoned the rescue of a fallen drone in Iran

U.S. authorities have seriously considered the option of holding a secret special operations in the aftermath of the fall of Iran’s UAV apprata (UAV) by the CIA.

The purpose of the planned raid was to be the deprivation of the opportunity to study the Iranian drone pieces, which were used in the creation of secret technologies. Results provided three options for the mission.

The first option, to Iran was to infiltrate a group of special forces whose aim was the removal of debris to the apparatus of the country. The task could also be charged with being in Iranian agents of other states cooperating with Washington.

The second option was to undermine the special forces or agents of the drone wreckage. Under the third option on the fallen UAV airstrike intended to inflict.

The reason why Washington decided to abandon the mission, began to fear that it can learn about the Iranian authorities that will trigger a new round of tensions between the two countries. In particular, the U.S. government did not want to give Tehran to accuse Washington in the invasion.

The U.S. drone RQ-170 Sentinel has learned on December 4. A message was made by the Iranian side, according to which the apparatus was shot down. In the U.S., this fact is not officially confirmed, but shortly after the loss of control over one of PBLA said International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan (ISAF).

Later on anonymous sources in the government the United States recognized that fell apparatus owned by the CIA and carried out a secret mission to Iran. What exactly was the purpose of the mission, did not specify.

RQ-170 Sentinel is one of the most secret U.S. aircraft. The number of sensitive technologies used in its creation, is a special coating of fuselage, which allows the drones to remain invisible to radar. UAVs are already used in practice: in particular, with the help of U.S. intelligence agencies monitored the Pakistani home of Osama bin Laden.

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