Trump and Republicans: the default expansion of a support

« Très bonne journée à Washington avec Paul Ryan et les chefs républicains. Les choses se passent très bien ! »,  a tweeté Donald Trump après sa rencontre.

Donald Trump and leaders of the Republican Party began, Thursday, May 12, the first talks in Washington to end the deep internal divisions and build a common front against Democrat Hillary Clinton.
in a joint statement Donald Trump and Paul Ryan, the strong man of the Congress, Speaker of the House of representatives ( “speaker”) and the most prominent Republican figure who refused to date to formally support the presidential candidate, reported on progress in the approximation:

“the United States can not afford four more years of Obama in the White House, or is that [the election of] Hillary Clinton represent . This is why it is crucial that the Republicans gather around our common principles, promote a conservative agenda, and do everything possible to win this fall. Although we are honest about our differences, we found that there were also many areas of agreement. This was our first meeting, but it was a very positive step towards the gathering.

None of the participants explained what the ‘common principles’ , except their opposition to Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

the meeting was held in the premises of the Republican Party, under the leadership of its chairman, Reince Priebus, who, fatalistic, rallied quickly enough to Donald Trump. Dozens of protesters Democrats hemmed the building. Later, Donald Trump went to the other side of Capitol Hill to see the Republican leaders of the Senate at a qualified meeting “very constructive” by the Chief majority, Mitch McConnell.

Des manifestants à proximité de l’immeuble où Donald Trump a recontré Paul Ryan, à Washington, le 12 mai 2016.

with Donald Trump, they discussed principles, such as separation of powers, interpretation of the Constitution, abortion, and the role of the Supreme Court; subjects dear to conservatives, and on which Donald Trump has sent mixed signals in the past. Paul Ryan said it well preside Cleveland Inaugural Convention of July 18 to 21, as the rules provide, at the request of the candidate, and supported him, lip.

Before leaving the federal capital, the candidate commented on Twitter: “Very good day in Washington with Paul Ryan and the Republican leaders. Things are going very well! “ He expressed the same satisfaction after meeting in the Senate.

Paul Ryan plays a personal card

Paul Ryan, which political observers lend ambitions for the presidency, n ‘ has not yet expressed its support for Donald Trump. Asked about the issue, the “speaker” was evasive, saying only that the meeting was encouraging.

Unity “will not happen in forty-five minutes” warned Paul Ryan. “Everyone knows that Donald Trump and I have differences. We talked about these differences today , he said. I think we dig a furrow for a unit. “

For the President of the House of Representatives, the question is what consequences might have explicit support for Trump on his Conservative leader image he cultivated for years and on which he probably set for 2020.

Paul Ryan, auquel les observateurs politiques prêtent des ambitions pour la présidentielle de 2020, n’a pas exprimé son soutien à Donald Trump.

Ryan resistance could also allow it to negotiate a pedestal principles and perhaps specific proposals to avoid the disintegration of the Republicans to the approach of presidential elections. By not throwing his support, it facilitates the transition of the Republican Party in which many are dismayed by the personality and ideas of Donald Trump, including its proposal in December to close the borders to Muslims. Donald Trump also said Wednesday that it was “a suggestion” , the microphone of Radio Fox News.

Trump campaign team believes it that the support of Paul Ryan is secondary and argues that the essential thing is the ten million voters that the candidate has already gathered since the early primaries.

At this stage, the prospect a dissident presidential candidate to save the Conservative honor fades. Many Republicans want to salvage and preserve the fragile Republican majority in the Senate, the legislative occurring simultaneously with the presidential election. The majority in the House is in strong contrast.

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