The United States and Cuba authorize up to 110 daily scheduled flights between the two countries

Le 20 juillet 2015, avant la cérémonie de réouverture de l’ambassade de Cuba à Washington.

The United States and Cuba will sign Tuesday 16 February, a bilateral agreement allowing up to one hundred and ten daily scheduled flights between the two countries, said Thomas Engle, the Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for transport the United States. This agreement establishes the thaw in relations between Washington and Havana. “The Cuban Government will carefully consider the requests coming from the US government to increase” the number of flights, said Mr. Engle.

Upon agreement, US authorities will ask the American Airlines offer flights to Havana and nine other destinations on the island, which should begin in the summer, according to officials.

“No Cuban flights»

in July 2015, the United States and Cuba have re-established diplomatic relations, severed since 1961. the thaw was spectacularly staged at the summit of the Americas in April 2015 in Panama City, with a first head-to-head between President Raul Castro and his US counterpart, Barack Obama.

However, Cuban airlines will get their own licenses from the US . “We therefore do not expect the Cuban flights to the United States in the near future” said Brandon Belford, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Aviation and International Affairs of States . STATES

Tourism remains banned because of the economic embargo imposed by the United States Cuba since 1962, after the coming to power of Fidel Castro. About three and a half million tourists annually visit the island, mostly coming from Europe or North America (outside the US).

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