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The sale of sweet wine explodes in the United States, especially among young

The vineyards of California have known an unprecedented explosion in sales of sweet wines for over a year, the sweet taste appeals to young consumers some experts in winemaking, according to specialists of the wine industry.

White or red, sparkling and sometimes called “Moscato” in the United States, the sweet wine, usually known to accompany dessert, has recently emerged as an increasing value in the U.S. market.

“The figures show that the major producers of Moscato market is growing sales significantly” over the past 18 months, told AFP Tom Wark, Specialty Wine of the Retailers Association (SWRA), based in Sacramento, which includes Distributors of wines.

A study of Nielsen dated January indicates that sales of Moscato in the U.S. increased by over 100% between 2009 and 2010. This is the wine consumption increased the most, although still only represents 2.1% of total sales, far behind the Chardonnay (21.2%), Cabernet Sauvignon (12.2%) and Merlot (10.3%).

For example, Barefoot vineyards, has seen sales of its white Moscato from 3.3 million in 2008 to 31,000,000 in 2010, according to MarketWatch Economic Review. Rival Sutter Home has increased its sales by two over the same period, 37 million and Woodridge, the famous Robert Mondavi, has increased tenfold, to $ 2 million.

The reasons for this growth are to be found in the taste for sweetness of Americans – Moscato has flavors similar to fishing and apricot – and the enthusiasm it generates among the younger generations of Internet era, ready for all experiments.

“The reason Moscato became fashionable is the same as that made White Zinfandel popular 20 years ago: it is sweet,” he told AFP Bill Easton, owner of the vineyard Terre Rouge & Easton, However, claiming not to have experienced particular growth recently.

The taste of sweet

“One thing that novice drinkers like: sugar. The Europeans have a palace acid. The Americans have a sweet palate” he adds.

The sweet taste of Moscato, even more than its modest price – less than six dollars a bottle – in fact a privileged gateway to the world of wine for the younger generation. According to Gallo, the largest exporter of California wines, 50% of consumers Moscato are under 45 years.

Tom Wark also confirms that the “millennial generation” (young people aged 18 to 30, who grew up with internet) has launched the fashion of Moscato because “tradition and brand loyalty is not for them important factors in alcohol and wine. ”

According to Gallo, 30% of its clients belong to this age group.

Another sign that the Moscato has entered popular culture: there are many references in the texts of rap or hip-hop, where it is presented as a privileged instrument to seduce girls.

“Lobsters and shrimp / And a glass of Moscato / For students / And his girlfriend mannequin / They finished the bottle …”, rapper Drake sings his song” Do it now “.


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