The resurgence of heroin among US consumers

Le nombre de femmes ayant expérimenté l'héroïne a doublé en dix ans

Women who have tried heroin has doubled in ten years

A report published this week in the United States confirms this addiction drug in the US. The progression is striking women ches

Half a million users

Consumption of heroin increased by 63% between 2002 and 2013, bringing the number of users to 500,000 * people, 2.6 people in 1000. At the same time, the number of dependent persons increased by 90%. These figures grew faster between 2011 and 2013 than in previous periods indicating a worsening health situtation. The typical profile of the heroin addict is now that of a man of such “non-Hispanic white”, aged 18 to 25 without health insurance and earning less than $ 20,000 a year. . Note: the decrease of 11% of consumers under 17 years

Twice as many women in 2002

Women who have had any experience with heroin increased by 100% since 2002. In 2013, 1.6 in 1000 women had been drugged with this substance. Further evidence that this product is democratized, having won the white middle classes.

Four times overdose that ten years ago, twice as many as two years ago

8200 people died in the US after a heroin overdose in 2013. The finding particularly alarm the increase that figure that has doubled over the last two years alone of the study (2011-2013). A consumer is exposed to over 50 such deaths according to the CDC. The government agency directly links this “rapid increase in the number of deaths from overdoses” that the number of users. A mechanical relationship in fact. But the problem, the growth in the number of overdoses is faster than the number of users. At issue: the “quality” of the drug. Accustomed to low product purity consumers generally surdosent the amount that administer. Facing a drug better bill, the concentration of active ingredient causes respiratory arrest, and death of the subject if it is not supported.

La courbe représente le nombre d'overdoses, qui croit plus vite que le nombre d'usagers (représentés en histogrammes)

The curve represents the number of overdoses, which is growing faster than the number of users (shown in histograms)

A prize five times lower than the anti -dépresseurs

Among the factors explaining the increase in heroin use in the United States, the CDC stresses its attractive price, five times lower than that of pharmaceutical painkillers. However, the requirements of these opioid analgesics, from the same family as heroin, are also increasing. The poor do not benefit from social security cover in this powder therefore see a cheap way to calm their pain and addiction initiated by drugs. “The data presented here indicate a particularly strong relationship between heroin and opioid analgesics,” the report said. “In fact, abuse or addiction to these painkillers is the most important risk factor of abuse or addiction to heroin,” the researchers settle.

* Figures of this report are approximations minimally specifies the CDC since they are from a declarative approach.

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