The “outraged” Americans walk on Wall Street

NEW YORK, USA – Two days after the dismantling of the first camp of the movement “Occupy Wall Street” by the police in New York, hundreds of demonstrators marched Thursday in the financial district of the city, s’ committing to a national day of action with massive rallies in other cities of the United States.

“All day, all week, closing Wall Street,” chanted the demonstrators who invaded the narrow streets of the neighborhood around the New York Stock Exchange.

According to police, 50 to 60 people were arrested including protesters who staged a “sit-in” not far from Wall Street and refused to move. Some officers struck protesters when they resisted.

This day of action was expected before the dismantling of the camp, set for two months at Zuccotti Park, whose occupants – denouncing the greed and economic inequality – were evicted by force Tuesday.

Near Wall Street, the event remained peaceful demonstrators and police in particular not they prevent brokers and other employees of the district to enter office buildings.

The rally did not delay the opening of trading activity or embarrassed, said Rich Adamon.

It was then expected in the day, the demonstrators are deployed in Manhattan and head to the subway stations before coming together to try to take the Brooklyn Bridge.

A previous attempt to cross the Brooklyn Bridge was the first brilliant action of the protesters to “Occupy Wall Street.” More than 700 people were then arrested.

Police said dozens of officers were mobilized.

In Los Angeles, about 500 supporters of the movement “Occupy Wall Street” showed during the day in the financial district. Two protesters were arrested by the police.

Moreover in Dallas, police dislodged the morning dozens of protesters from their camp near the City Hall, citing safety issues and safety. Eighteen protesters, who refused to leave were arrested.

On the campus of the University of California at Berkeley two protesters were arrested and twenty tents removed.

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