Texas man decimates the family of his ex-wife

Eight dead, two adults and six children, this is the dramatic toll of killings near Houston, in Texas this weekend. The accused? David Conley, aged 48, former companion of one of the victims, risk the death penalty if he is ultimately convicted.

The eight bodies, some riddled with bullets and handcuffed were discovered Saturday in a house located in a residential area near Houston “on the occasion of a visit of social services at the scene,” said the Sheriff’s Office Harris County in a statement. County Police visited the house after a phone call Saturday night, said spokesman Thomas Gilliland police at the local station KHOU News.

Man charged would be the father of a child

This is when they entered the house Conley who was there opened fire on them. The police decided to retreat and began negotiations with the gunman who then went to the police, said the Sheriff’s Office on Twitter. David Conley, had in the past a relationship with Valerie Jackson, 40, who lived in that house with her husband and children, said a sheriff’s deputy, Tim Cannon, at a press conference.

At least one of the dead children, the eldest, could be the son of Conley, he added. “Obviously he had a distaste for what was happening in his personal life and his family life,” said Tim Cannon. David Conley had already been suspected of violence against the family, police said. “We do not understand and can not understand the motives of someone who will kill as many innocent people and especially the young,” said Tim Cannon, promising a thorough investigation. 

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