These women took herbs, hormones, drugs or been kicked in the stomach to try not to interrupt pregnancies desired, precise study of Texas Policy Evaluation Project, the University of Texas.

“As clinical care is becoming more difficult to access in Texas, we can expect that more women realize they have no other choice but to take matters in hand themselves, “the study author, Daniel Grossman, a professor at the University of California, San Francisco. A 2013 law passed by the Parliament of Texas, Republican majority, then approved by the then Governor Rick Perry, imposes conditions which have already led to the closure of about half of the 41 clinics where abortions are allowed. Eventually, it could not remain in Texas than 10 of these clinics for 5.4 million women of reproductive age. Previous studies had found that 2% of women seeking abortions in the country –and Texas– 7% had tried to end their pregnancy themselves without visiting a clinic. The Texas study was conducted among 1397 elderly Texan women 18 to 49, for five weeks between December 2014 and January 2015. Some 1.7% of 779 women surveyed said they had tried to stop them pregnancy by themselves. Extrapolating to more than five million women of reproductive age, the researchers concluded that about 100,000 women in Texas had tried to unsafe abortions.

But the researchers point out that the figures are certainly higher because women tend not to report having an abortion. The Supreme Court of the United States said Friday it would review the highly sensitive issue of the legality of restrictions imposed by some US states the right of women to have an abortion. The nine judges of the Court will deliberate on this burning issue by June 2016, in full presidential campaign where the subject radically opposed Democratic and Republican candidates.