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Supreme Court Rejects Fast-track Health Care Review

Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli requested that the Supreme Court quickly review the new health care law. He wanted the high court to check for any issues regarding constitutionality. As an opponent to the new law, he pushed to have it resolved quickly. Cuccinelli was denied. A judicial review of the law will take place instead. This is something that usually only happens during war or if there is a true constitutional dilemma.

Ken Cuccinelli filed a lawsuit against the health care law for Virginia, and  26 states filed a lawsuit in Florida. Both lawsuits claim Congress requiring citizens to buy health insurance or pay a penalty beginning in 2014 is unconstitutional. Cuccinelli went to the high court to get this declared immediately so the states would not have to begin implementing the new law.

Five federal judges have so far made rulings on the challenges of the law. The three Democrat federal judges from Virginia, Michigan, and Washington, D.C. Have ruled it constitutional. The two Republican judges of  Florida and Virginia have said it is unconstitutional.

Hearing for the health care law have been scheduled for May and June. They will take place in three appeals courts. By 2012, the case may reach the Supreme Court.

Until then, all state and federal governments have begun putting the law in place. Steps are being taken to make sure the new Medicare changes are included for the disabled and seniors. State and federal governments are also making sure to include new addition that allows children to stay on their parent’s health care policy until 26 years of age.


Angelica Bee

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