Spencer Stone, the hero of Thalys injured helping a woman

A man and a woman were questioned by police but evidence remained insufficient to detain them, reported the chain Sacramento. Last August, the military of the Air Force was on board the Thalys train from Amsterdam to Paris.

With two of his American friends, Anthony Sadler and Alek Skarlatos, he had mastered Ayoub El-Khazaani, heavily armed, but was wounded in the hand. On Twitter, Alek Skarlatos sent his thoughts to the family Spencer.

acclaimed as heroes worldwide

Spencer Stone, a private in the US Air Force promoted to sergeant after the attack, received the medal of the Aviator and the prestigious Purple Heart, awarded the wounded soldiers.

The three Americans, who took the Thalys while vacationing in Europe, were hailed as heroes in the world. They have been decorated with the Legion of Honor in France.

Alek Skarlatos reappeared in the news last week: he studied at the University of Umpqua, where a man killed nine people during a shooting. It is located about ten kilometers from Roseburg, where he comes from and where he returned after the shooting in Oregon.

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