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Shooting at a small university in California: 7 dead

A 43-year-old student opened fire in a small Christian college in Oakland, California, killing seven people and wounding three others before fleeing by car. The suspect has surrendered to police in a supermarket a few miles from campus.

Everything happened in an hour on Monday night, according to the police chief, Howard Jordan. “We will need several days to assemble the pieces. We have no reason, “he said Tuesday.

The suspect is a South Korean named L. One Goh. He himself had attended the private University of Oikos, who teaches theology and mainly Asian medicine to hundreds of students of the Korean community.

According to several people, including the president and founder of the institution and other students, the alleged killer had taken courses in nursing. One injured, Dawinder Kaur, 19, treated at Highland Hospital, according to his family reported that the man had been absent for several months and that he had entered the classroom to instruct students to line up against the wall before opening fire.

Of the seven fatalities, five died at the scene and another two at the hospital. The wounded victims are in stable condition, and at least one person has been released from the hospital.

Art Richards, said he was going to find a friend at the university by car when he saw a woman hidden in the hedges. Coming out of his vehicle and approaching, he saw that she was shot in the arm.

“She had a piece of her arm hanging out,” Richards said, noting that she was wounded near the elbow.

As police arrived, Richards said he heard 10 gunshots coming from inside the building. The female victim told him that she saw the gunman shoot one person point-blank in the chest and one in the head.

Kim Jong’s father, who founded the University of Oikos ago and ten years as chairman, said he was unaware if L. One Goh had abandoned the course or been removed. He said he heard about thirty shots from his office.

According to the channel KGO-TV, after his escape, the man was spotted in the supermarket by a security guard who found the suspect and approached. One L. Goh was quoted as saying he had shot people and was talking to the police. “There was no real emotion on his face,” said one client, Lisa Resler.

The police chief said the suspect had called his father shortly after the shooting to tell him what had happened and that the father had alerted authorities. According to the newspaper “Stars and Stripes”, the brother of L. One Goh, a soldier, died in a car accident March 8, 2011.

Monday’s shooting reminiscent of April 16, 2007 at the University of Virgnia Tech Blacksburg, Virginia (eastern U.S.). A student, Cho Seung-hui, 23, had killed 32 people before committing suicide.

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