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Security Beefed Up In NYC After bin Laden Death

After the killing of global terrorist, Osama bin Laden, cheers were heard in front of the White House, and all over New York City. A higher awareness of possible retaliation from bin Laden’s followers also sunk in. New York City has responded with extra security and heightened alert all around the city. More police were added to high traffic transportation areas such as Peen Station, and the Holland Tunnel. Mayor Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Ray Kelly have implemented security measures like bag searched in the subway and keeping a certain number of emergency vehicles in various areas of the city. Bloogberg remains vigilant saying, “We have to make sure that we continue to keep ourselves as safe as possible. You can rest assured, we are going to provide the security that is needed and then figure out how to pay for it.” Many feel very relieved by the extra measures the city continues to use to keep the citizens safe. “I was just stopped and they checked my bag. I think it’s a good thing, can’t be too vigilant,” said Steve Milan said of the random bag searches done in the subways. Retaliation from bin Laden’s followers is a real threat New Yorkers and the entire country is taking very seriously. Complacency is not an issue amongst the nation’s leaders.

More police will be added to The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey as well as all airports, ground zero, and the George Washington Bridge. Port Authority wants to be extra cautious. “This response is not based on a current threat, but out of an abundance of caution until we have the chance to learn more,” said the agency.

Angelica Bee

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