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Run for the Republican nomination: Candidates exciting

Karlyn Bowman is a senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute study.Karlyn Bowman spoke to reporters.

Until recently, the race for the Republican nomination going to be very dull. What has changed?
It is the media who have announced that the candidates were not quality. Initially, we did not know who would make the leap, but it’s something common, so early in a race. Now there is talk of an exciting race.

What will be the most important issue?
The economy. Pessimism never lasted so long in the country. It’s hard to say whether this will influence the election, but Obama has failed to turn things around as Reagan in the 1980s.

But Obama is likely to be reelected, right?
Yes. Most Americans want to re-election, despite doubts about the economy. But several Republican candidates look beyond 2012.

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