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Romney would be a weak candidate, as his rivals

CHARLESTON, United States – On Sunday the rival Mitt Romney agreed  that his past in an investment company and as governor of Massachusetts would work against him if he was the Republican candidate to face President Barack Obama, during the U.S. presidential in November. They hope to curb the momentum so that it enjoys, to a week ahead of a crucial primary in South Carolina.

Rick Santorum, former senator from Pennsylvania, Rick Perry, current governor of  Texas, and Newt Gingrich, former speaker of the House of Representatives in Congress of the United States, all stated that Mr. Romney continued to benefit from the division that exists among the Republicans and the inability of conservatives to unite around a single thought.

Mr. Gingrich acknowledged that in case of victory in Saturday’s primary, Mr. Romney would benefit from a “huge advantage”, following his two wins in New Hampshire and Iowa, earlier this month .

Mr. Gingrich also said that he would “definitely” to question his own candidacy unless they win in South Carolina.

The Republican senator from South Carolina, Lindsey Graham, for his part felt that a victory for Mr. Romney probably would provide the latter to be the Republican candidate to face President Obama.

Mr. Romney has enjoyed a rare day off on Sunday, while his opponents were consulting on the coast of South Carolina. They also took part in religious masses and breakfasts in the state whose population has a high proportion of evangelicals and other conservative Christians.

This day off seems to have been profitable, however, since Jon Huntsman, who was to deliver a close battle at the polls in New Hampshire primary last Tuesday, is expected to announce his withdrawal from the race Monday, and his support for Mr. Romney .

No Republican has ever managed to be nominated as a candidate of his party without being taxed at the primary in South Carolina, and the results of the latest polls put Romney in the lead.

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