Republican candidates maintain their divisions

Durant le 4e débat entre les candidats républicains à l'investiture républicaine à Milwaukee, dans le Wisconsin, mardi 10 novembre.

Eight candidates for the Republican nomination for the 2016 presidential attended Milwaukee (Wisconsin), Tuesday, November 10, for the debate between the main contenders. Two less than in the first three races, but everything suggests that this elimination race, which officially still has fifteen, could drag on until the first votes in Iowa and New Hamsphire.
Two candidates were particularly expected Tuesday: neurosurgeon Ben Carson, facing a series of articles in the press disputing his stories of outstanding episodes of his life, and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, hit by the first few compelling benefits. The both have shown a little more to their advantage, perhaps delaying the second the prospect of a rapid collapse of his campaign without win against their rivals.

While Carson dominates yet in the polls in the company of real estate mogul Donald Trump, a shadow racing mobilizes their elected and former elected opponents, and marginalizes the only woman in the group, Carly Fiorina, former head of Hewlett-Packard, yet clever débatteuse. This race tactics and strategy that combines opposes including two senators forties Marco Rubio (Florida), and Ted Cruz (Texas). The first openly seeks the compromise candidate of space covered by Ohio Governor John Kasich and Mr. Bush. Mr. Cruz, attentive to the mood of a virtually insurrectional part of the Republican base that supports yet the underdogs Carson and Trump, on the contrary put on a right-handed run-positioning in the Senate.

“We do not need a Chief divider”

This analysis resulted difference multiple clashes that marred the debate centered on the economy that should gather around orthodoxy Republican advocating for less government, deregulation and massive tax cuts, promises a stupendous growth and saving. This was the case on immigration, John Kasich and Jeb Bush strongly attacking the expulsion plan 11 million illegals defended by Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. “ If one becomes the party of amnesty, we will lose ” warned the latter while Mr. Rubio, who has changed his opinion on the subject, prudently kept silent. Guardian of the temple of fiscal conservatism, libertarian Rand Paul had fun pointing in the Florida Senator sprains of the program according to the orthodoxy of his balanced budget.

The same situation s’ is repeated about the banking system, Mr. Cruz engaging force not to support large US banks in case of another storm, unlike Mr. Kasich. These fault lines have also extended to foreign policy, on whether to create no-fly zone in Syria, or to maintain relations with Russian President Vladimir Putin described as “ gangster “Mr. Rubio and M me Fiorina refuse to meet if elected to the White House, while Mr. Trump welcomed Russia’s commitment against the Islamic state.

We do not need a Chief divider or a chief agitator but a commander ,” argued Mr. Bush in the last moments of the debate . To the misfortune of the Republican Party, at this moment of the race for the nomination, he still has three profiles in its ranks.

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