Primary: Ted Cruz becomes the only alternative to Donald Trump

Le candidat à l'investiture républicaine Ted Cruz lors d'un meeting à l'université de Boise, dans l'Idaho, le 5 mars.

Saturday March 5, the race for the Republican nomination for the presidential election of 8 November has definitely turned into a duel. Whoever will now oppose the favorite, the real estate mogul Donald Trump, the Texas Senator Ted Cruz, twenty-four years younger.

By clearly winning two caucuses in Kansas and in the Maine while Mr. Trump triumphed in Louisiana and Kentucky, Mr. Cruz has indeed proved its resilience in the face of the billionaire groundswell. The latter was weakened by either the violent indictment entered against him on March 3, Mitt Romney, unsuccessful candidate for the 2012 presidential election, neither labored performance at the debate organized on the same day.

Since the beginning of the year, Mr. Cruz continues to assert that only a candidate anchored to the right of the businessman can put in difficulty. His previous success in Iowa, Texas, Oklahoma and Alaska have shown in his eyes. Ultra-conservative elected to the Senate in 2012, Mr. Cruz also benefits from its image as a maverick, tireless contemptuous of politics practiced in Washington. The results of Kansas are so eloquent title. Another candidate, Marco Rubio, a long time favorite of the Republican leadership, it had the support of the governor, a senator and the historical figure of the state, Bob Dole, candidate for the 1996 presidential election These have adoubements had no effect.? Mr. Rubio was swept, winning only 16% of the vote

Towards the collapse of Marco Rubio

He reversed his decision to skip Florida, the fourth state in terms of population and where campaigning requires spending considerable sums. This reversal may precipitate the collapse of Mr. Rubio, which is the chosen land. The Texas senator should also challenge Mr. Trump Ohio State fourth Republican candidate, Governor John Kasich, also very distanced.

Instant contender for the Republican nomination, Senator Caroline South Lindsey Graham had assured earlier this year that the choice between Mr. Cruz and Mr. Trump returned to hesitate between a bullet in the head and poison. On 25 February, to illustrate Mr. Cruz in Congress unpopularity, Mr. Graham added that if someone murdered in the Senate chamber, nobody would drag the culprit to justice. On the evening of Super Tuesday, 1 er March which has installed more than ever Mr. Trump leading the Republican race, Graham nevertheless chosen and called to support Mr. Cruz. It should not be the only…

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