Obama opposes the partisanship in the Senate

WASHINGTON -On Saturday U.S. President Barack Obama reiterated its willingness to modify the operation of the Senate to reduce partisan and prevent legislators to take advantage of their position.

In his speech broadcast on radio and the Internet, Obama said that during the tour of five states that followed his speech on the State of the Union, he met several people optimistic, but also people uncertain about the possibility that “the right decisions are made in Washington this year, next year or the year after.”

The President added that “all sincerity, taking into account everything that happens in this town (Washington), it would be hard to blame the people for their cynicism.”

He reiterated his desire to reform the government, a request he had made on Tuesday. Obama wants the Senate to vote for legislation that would establish a vote on judicial appointments and public services after 90 days. He said a large number of candidates have bipartisan support, but their application has stagnated after the Congress and this for political reasons.

Obama said that “a senator from Utah,” said he would block some appointments to show his opposition to the appointment by order of the director of the new consumer protection agency and three members of the National Labor Relations Board, an agency investigation into illegal practices in the labor market. The appointment, made during the holidays of the Senate, is considered unconstitutional by many Republicans.

“A senator who slowed the government’s job is not what the founding fathers of the Constitution have imagined,” the president said, referring to the senator from Utah, Republican Mike Lee, who has vigorously opposed the move by Mr. Obama this week.

President Obama has also asked that Congress passed legislation to ban insider trading by legislators with inside information and prevent lawyers from owning securities in companies whose business is related to the mandate of the committee for which they work.

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