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No More NYPD Ticket Fixing with New Computer System

On Friday Mayor Bloomberg pronounced that his new computer system will eliminate the rampant NYPD ticket fixing once and for all. Bloomberg admits that ticket fixing has been going on for awhile now. He said, “There seems to be a lot of evidence that there was a practice that should not have taken place. The police commissioner and I will not say anything that will jeopardize the investigation.” While acknowledging the seriousness of the allegations, he said the new computer system that is now in place will help to cut down tremendously on this illegal practice. Allegedly, some NYPD cops have been offered bribes and gifts to make a ticket summons go away. Bloomberg says it hasn’t been just for tickets, “These are all not parking tickets, but moving violation tickets, which you could argue is a lot more serious, because maybe you were drunk driving and speeding and could kill someone.” He wants those issued tickets and moving violations to adhere to the consequences like anyone else. He is attempting to end this scheme involving officers of the NYPD.

Mayor Bloomberg said on his radio show that airs on WOR-AM, that he has been speaking about this very serious problem with the police commissioner, Ray Kelly. Police Commissioner Ray Kelly and Bloomberg feel progress will be made with the new system.

Bloomberg, speaking on his weekly WOR-AM radio show, said he discussed the problem with Commissioner Ray Kelly amid reports of a massive scheme involving dozens of officers. About the system he said, “He’s convinced that when the cop gets back to headquarters, the (tickets) go right into the computer, and after that it would be very hard to manipulate the system. We can’t promise zero, but virtually not.”


Angelica Bee

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