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Man Hacks Into Facebook Accounts Stealing Pictures & Info

A Minnesota man has been accused of hacking into Facebook accounts to steal pictures of women. Timothy Peter Noirjean has been “friending” various women on Facebook and stealing their personal information as well as photos. He has been using these photos to post onto adult sites. After he befriends one woman, he then immediately connects with her friends and continues the cycle of identity theft. Noirjean tricks the women into giving him all the information he needs to get into their accounts. He has been charged with 13 counts of identity theft. Allegedly, not only did he hack into their social network account, but their email accounts as well. Somehow he was able to bypass security questions with the info he tricked out of the women.

Under the name “Steve Mills”, Noirjean would friend the victims, take the pictures and post them on an adult site—then send the victim a message stating he will take down the photos if a nude picture of herself was sent to him. Pete Orput, Washington County Attorney, warns women against the dangers of this happening again. “My advice would be to stay very, very aware of anyone asking you for personal information, either on a telephone or via a computer, or any other electronic means.” “You need to hold on to that information with the utmost care,” he said. Though Orput is making attempts to get the photos and personal information taken down, he says, “We can hold the perpetrator accountable, but we are unable to remove their photos from the worldwide web, so they are out there, along with identifying information.”

Denying he did anything wrong, the Minnesota man admits he has been stealing personal information and pictures while hacking into accounts. Timothy Peter Noirjean will appear in court May 26.


Angelica Bee

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