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Luther Campbell Running for Mayor of Miami-Dade

Luther Campbell, former 2 Live Crew rapper,  is a candidate running in the May 24 special election to replace Carlos Alvarez for mayor. Alvarez was recently removed from office for raising property taxes and giving his employees salary raises during the city’s economic struggle. “Uncle Luke” says his campaign is not not a publicity stunt and not built on his previous persona as a rapper–but his business skills and time spent involved in his hometown community. He says he is a fellow taxpayer who is angry with the way the Miami-Dade government has been run thus far with money mismanagement and proper care not being given to the community.

Campbell wants to be seen as the 50 year-old business owner and member of the community he is, and not for his youthful raunchy behaviors. He says he has the same concerns and issues including education, helping poorer communities, and keeping communities safe from criminals—and even the police at times. An audience member at the town hall said, “We’ve all done some crazy things in our youth. Consequently, we have to move past that.” It is said that even his achievement during the “Me So Horny” days should be considered, since Luther Campbell fought in court for his First Amendment rights due to his lyrics. “It goes back to the heart of the man, who fights for what he believes in, and you have the characteristics of a leader when someone will fight. Would he do that for the people of Dade County? That’s why he’s running for mayor, because he’s willing to fight for the people,” says a voter unsure about who will get his ballot.

Luther Campbell’s campaign flyers say, “I’m dead serious. Are you?”


Angelica Bee

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