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Los Angeles in fear of “Carmageddon”

LOS ANGELES, Calif.. – In Los Angeles, it’s time for truth. A 16km section of Interstate 405, one of the busiest highways in the city, is closed for repairs since Saturday morning for 53 hours, and the inhabitants of the megalopolis fear a massive traffic jam.

For weeks, we only speak of it in Los Angeles, huge city where the car is the primary means of travel. Interstate 405 is known for its long-standing traffic problems, and great work, requiring the partial closure of a major section, since Saturday morning committed to widen the lanes on a major highway bridges and congestion.

Fear, widely reported on social networks like Twitter, is that the traffic of the “405” refers to other areas of the road network in Los Angeles, causing a domino effect apocalyptic traffic jam. We are talking about “Carmageddon,” puns between “car” (car) and “Armageddon”, the final battle between Good and Evil in the Bible.

The Interstate 405 through Los Angeles, from southeast to northwest, including serving the international airport and the western part of town where Beverly Hills and West Hollywood.

According to the mayor of Los Angeles, Antonio Villaraigosa, everything will be fine if drivers follow the advice repeated for weeks in newspapers, radio, television, Internet: avoid taking the car this weekend, buy and out locally, close to home.

As a precaution, emergency services, police, fire, hospitals have mobilized additional resources, manpower and equipment. Fire engines, ambulances and helicopters were pre-positioned in areas that are difficult to access in case of congestion.

For some companies, the partial closure of the highway is a good way of doing business. Companies offer helicopter overflights of Interstate 405 under construction, while the airline JetBlue has set up special flights between Long Beach Airport and the Burbank for five dollars (3.5 euros) the journey from 20 to 30 minutes. All available tickets were sold in three hours.

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