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Iran: Washington enacts new penalties (media)

President Barack Obama signed a decree providing for additional sanctions against Iran, reported the international media on Monday.

“I have found that new sanctions would be justified, particularly with regard to the fraudulent practices of the Central Bank of Iran and other Iranian banks that hide transactions with sanctioned parties,” said U.S. President in a letter Congress.

According to Mr. Obama, the need for additional sanctions would also like to “insufficient measures” taken by Iran with regard to “fight against money laundering”, to “the poor implementation of these measures” , and the “ongoing risk and unacceptable that Iran’s activities pose to the international financial system”.

The new sanctions include the freezing of all assets of Iranian officials and the Central Bank of the Islamic Republic to the United States.

“These measures underline the determination of the [U.S.] administration to meet the Iranian regime’s failure to comply with its international commitments,” said Mr. Obama quoted by the media.

At the end of 2011, the United States, Canada and EU member countries had imposed an embargo on all transactions with Iranian banks, including with the Central Bank of Iran.

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