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Series Incidents for the opening of Christmas shopping in the US

NEW YORK (Reuters) – The traditional “Black Friday”, which starts the shopping season and New Year in the United States, was punctuated by incidents with crowds of consumers who sometimes came to blows on Friday.

In the suburbs of Los Angeles, about twenty customers a Walmart store chain were poisoned when a woman used her irritating spray to disperse the queue which separated a game console Xbox she wanted.

In Kinston, North Carolina, they are security officers who have made use of irritating gases to restore calm in a store.

In Michigan, according to a video that has been the delight of sharing site YouTube, a real brawl broke out between buyers towels while in the city of Oregon, Ohio, towels always sold to promotional rates, have caused chaos in another store of the brand Walmart.

“They fought for towels on sale at $ 1.88, as ridiculous as it sounds,” said, a bit disillusioned, police Sergeant Jason Druckenmiller.

In Arkansas, we fought for a waffle iron to two dollars. On a video that runs also on websites, men, women and children form a confused melee which emerges a woman knowing that she is losing her pants.

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